Relieve dry, strained eyes. Stress less. Sleep better.

100+ 5-Star Reviews

“I can't remember having dry or twitchy eyes since I've been using it!”

REST by Umay uses sensory touch and breath awareness to soothe your eyes, relax your mind, and improve your sleep.

Improved eye comfort in 90% of users in recent study

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Warm waves help melt blocked eyelid oil

Cool waves refresh with natural tears

Personalize and track sessions with the Umay app


"A high-tech version of those cold, camomile cotton pads that soothe your eyes. Umay is developing a technology that calms them through the soft heat of "thermal therapy". Early adopters are saying that it is life-changing."

- Evening Standard (UK)

How REST Improves Eye Health & Relieves Stress

Instant & Convenient Relief

Soothe strained eyes with precise temperature control and give your eyes some much needed rest

Calm Your Mind

Pairs with our app to guide you through 2-10 minute mindfulness sessions to restore mental clarity

Build Good Habits

Make it a part of your mornings and evening wind down to restructure your relationship with digital screens and stress

How REST Works

More Than Just Eye Relief

REST uses a wholistic approach to go beyond treating symptoms.

Like most people with dry eyes and eye strain, you may also be experiencing stress, loss of productivity, and poor sleep.

They're all connected.

If you're struggling to build a consistent meditation habit, or often find yourself turning to coffee or energy drinks in search of 'productivity', REST is perfect for you.

REST is for your Mind & Body



Laying down

Guided resonance breathing



Provides a sense of relief

Induces positive feelings

Relaxes your mind

Makes your mind more resilient to stress



Induces sleep

Moisturizes eyes

Makes tear production easier

Increases heart rate variability



We built REST to be an easy-to-adopt solution for your busy life.

How is REST Different?

Therabody Goggles

DIY (Warm compress, Bruder mask)

Warm waves

Cool waves

Vibration massage

Precise temp control

Guided breathing

Effort to setup




How Screen-Time Affects Your Eyes

In a world of spreadsheets and zoom meetings, digital eye strain and dry eyes are notoriously common.

Less blinking increases risk for dry eyes

When focusing on a screen, you blink less frequently, which can cause the tear film on your eyes to evaporate more quickly.

Prolonged focus causes eye strain

Eye muscles work harder to maintain focus, often for hours on end, leading to eye strain and fatigue.

Blue light disrupts sleep patterns

Night-time exposure to blue-light leads to poor sleep quality and increased stress, which can decrease productivity and require even more screen-time to make up for it.

What Our Customers Say

"This little machine helps my dry eyes so much. Three times a day gives my eyes so much relief. Love the cold to hot feature and the vibration. You cant get that feeling from a cold compress."

Jana R.

Verified Buyer

"I spend a lot of time in front of a screen. And using the REST device has been a life saver. Just a few minutes each day rejuvenates me, and also helps me get better sleep at night."

Bernice V.

Verified Buyer

"I purchased this specifically for my dry eye problems which I’ve already noticed improvement with. The real surprise has been how much it has help my sleep and sleep routine."

Paula M.

Verified Buyer


Trusted by Health Experts

Dr. Laura Periman

I am an ocular surface disease expert working on innovations from the smallest molecular pathology to the biopsychosocial well being of the Dry Eye patient as a whole.

Dr. Michael Gradisar

I am a sleep scientist and clinical psychologist specializing in sleep disorders. Founder of WinkSleep.

Jay Vidyarthi

I am a human-centered designer and mindfulness teacher working to restore a depleted natural resource: attention.

Rest Assured, It's Made By Professionals

REST was created by Dr. Sharmin Habib, an Optometrist based in Edmonton, Canada. The device features thermal and vibrational treatment mechanisms that are designed to alleviate eye strain and mental stress.

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