Better days and nights ahead, together

the exhale collective (tec) is a community designed and led by experts to help you discover digital rest.

About the exhale collective

The exhale collective is an early initiative to create a community-based and expert-led experience that celebrates our calm & clarity. We help provide members with science based tools, knowledge and support they need to be the best version of themselves. We believe in the power of community, accountability and curiosity. Our goal is to take you on a 4 month journey and dive deep into the science and proven methods available, so you too can discover and implement digital rest into your life. Through a personalized assessment you will be able to develop a wellness habit strategy with accountability and support from the community. The exhale collective is an intervention based program and commitment of time, money, and effort.
Members should be prepared to spend at least 1 hour a week to reflect, learn and make real change happen.

To learn more about the exhale collective, we encourage you to take a look at our FAQ.

*REST in the workplace - if you're interested in bringing digital rest into the workplace for your team, contact us via email at or schedule a one-on-one call with a member of our team using this link.

How tec works

Build your wellness program
Personalized assessments empower you to take targeted steps to improve your digital rest (sleep, eye and mental wellness)
Incorporate expert techniques
Live webinars, led by experts who break down the science to help you choose the methods that work for you and your lifestyle
Learn with others
Engage with like minded people in a supportive environment (cohorts limited to 25)
Track your improvement
Progress feels good! We’ll help you stay motivated and accountable

Meet the experts in digital rest.

Jay Vidyarthi
Founder of Still Ape
I am a human-centered designer and mindfulness teacher working to restore a depleted natural resource: attention.
Nina Herscher
I am a digital wellbeing and hybrid work expert, keynote speaker and pioneer of the digital wellness movement, dedicated to the intentional use and development of technology for human well-being.
Dr. Roy Raymann
I am a leading applied sleep neuroscientist who wants to help people with sleep complaints to achieve better sleep by accelerating sleep innovation, grounded in science.
Dr. Michael Gradisar
Founder of WinkSleep
I am a sleep scientist and clinical psychologist specializing in sleep disorders.
Dr. Laura Periman
Board certified ophthalmologist
I am an ocular surface disease expert working on innovations from the smallest molecular pathology to the biopsychosocial well being of the DryEye patient as a whole.
Dr. Brandon Hauer
I am a sleep neuroscientist empowering people with the knowledge of how vital sleep is.
Dr. Richard Maharaj
I am a leading dry eye specialist, researcher and educator in the field of ocular surface disease, who is dedicated to improving the eye comfort and wellness of my patients through innovation.