The biggest innovation in your daily routine since the toothbrush.

ü is the only tool that makes yoür rest a priority... and gives yoür eyes the spa treatment they deserve.

Transform your daily routine into a rest ritual.

In just 10 minutes a day, ü transforms the hours yoü spend in front of taxing screens into deep rest & relief.

Yoü can now feel good about restoring daily calm and eye comfort from the visual and cognitive demands of modern life.

  • Disconnect from chronic eye strain and daily stressors
  • Gain up to 3 hours daily less discomfort
  • Nourish your rest & relief

ü makes your daily rest so simple.

  • Pause

    Yoür daily self check-in and audit of how you're feeling; brain drain to eye strain.

  • Restore

    ü works its magic to unwind and relieve yoür eyes and mind.

  • Reclaim

    The renewed time ü unlocks can go towards yoür work, play or both.

Three modes that help empower yoür daily rest.

  • Rise

    Start with a cold session to refresh & awaken yoür eyes & mind.
  • Recharge

    Pause midday for a cold-warm session to renew yoür calm & clarity.
  • Rest

    End with a warm session for deep rest & recovery before sleep.

The best investment you’ll make in your daily routine.

  • Calm Mind, Ease Stress

  • Soothe Eyes, Refresh Vision

  • Enhance Sleep, Rest Better

  • Daily Dose of Relaxation

It’s time for REST to become intentional.

  • Trusted by Healthcare Professionals

  • Reduce Stress, Enhance Calm

  • Boost Productivity, Achieve More

  • Natural Tear Health Boost

Ready to choose

Get the next generation of Thermal Meditation™

So yoü may Relax more. Sleep better. Blink smarter.

Choose Rest

Excellent. I have been using the device twice a day. Especially at night, if my eyes are tired, it helps relaxing them and it eliminates the fatigue.

Rosa T.

Was really impressed with this device, improved my mood, improve my tolerance to bright lights, improved my sleep. could not live without it now. highly recommended to people who work in front of screens for long hours at a time on a regular basis.

Marc B.

The Umay REST allows you to do just that: rest. It is relaxing and makes everyone around you want to try it (with reason!). If your nose is somewhat big you will have trouble using the mode with vibrations as the USB input may rub against and bruise your nose. Very nice little thing to have around when you work on computer screens all day!

Marc G.

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.


Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.