The world’s first tool for digital rest & recovery.

Reset the effects of screen time.

We spend on average 13 hours and 28 minutes on screens.

Our eyes and minds are under constant strain, whether we’re working on an email or watching Netflix, screens get in the way of our sleep and our ability to unwind.

Until now….



“REST is relaxing, it gets me ready to go to sleep and fall asleep quicker since my eyes are relaxed. ”

Alice Chen, Mother of 2

A 60 second video explaining what REST is.

Better Blinks

  • Gentle heat waves soothe tired eyes


  • Cool naturally refreshes the tears and focuses the mind

Better Sleep

  • Warming eyes before bed promotes sleep onset


  • A healthy wind-down routine, disconnected from blue light and stimulating devices, signals to your body it’s time to sleep

Better Calm

  • Thermal or vibrational cues help you pace and slow down your breathing to a rate that promotes relaxation

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How it works

REST makes your routine relaxation easy

1. Pick your session

Choose from 3 fully customizable sessions designed for any part of your day.

2. Find a place to REST

Find a place to lie down and disconnect. We suggest lying down in the Savasana (final resting pose in yoga) position to maximize the calming effects.

3. Let REST guide you

REST will guide you through a sensory experience that will give you the chance to disconnect from your busy day and re-connect with yourself.

Learn More

See what REST can do

Short or Long Sessions

With sessions ranging from 90 seconds to 12 minutes long, get a quick burst of energy or a deep relaxation whenever you need it.

Portable & Rechargeable

REST can go wherever you need to be, so you don’t need to worry about microwaves or freezers and can reach for it with ease.

Customizable Sessions

With the iOS/Android Umay app you can personalize your session duration and type. Build your routine with session tracking and reminders.


Learn why people like you love REST

Breath of fresh air

Rated 5 out of 5
June 6, 2022

My Umay helped give me reminder that I should be taking more breaks in my busy life. The cool & calming feeling it provides on my eyes in the morning has a great effect of waking me up similar to that feeling you get after you finish your morning coffee. My mid-day Umay breaks provides me with a more relaxing feeling with the cool and warmth variation that give my eyes a recharge after being on my 3 work monitors for the entire morning at work. Great product and very satisfied!

Jean M

Amazing device to help with sleep and eye strain

Rated 5 out of 5
May 31, 2022

I used my REST almost daily to help wind down after long days in front of my computer screen. The variable temperature therapy helped reduce the eye fatigue I felt at the end of the day and got me in a good mind space to fall asleep. I found that while the device is bulky, once you find your balance it helped reduce eye swelling and my dry eyes after a few weeks.

Christopher L.


Rated 5 out of 5
May 30, 2022

Helped restore the moisture in my eyes during the day. The morning setting wakes you up. I even fell asleep with them on during the evening setting.

Jolyanne O.

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REST without a worry

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