"If it’s too much screen time... undo the damage of smartphones with “thermal therapy.”


"A high-tech version of cold, camomile cotton pads that soothe your eyes... Early adopters are saying that it is life-changing."

Evening Standard

"The Umay’s pods offered a gentle pulsing heat that I found oddly relaxing and not the same as having a warm cloth over my eyes."

Yahoo! Finance

"...the "digital detox" is in... from the Canadian ümay.rest thermal meditation glasses to help the eyes to decompress"

France | Tech 24

"Resting on your eyes, Umay uses natural meditative heat to bring you to total relaxation. This patented technology applies thermal therapy to improve your eye health. Plus, it pairs with thermal meditation to relieve stress and counteract the effects of screen time."

The Gadget Flow

"Futuristic eye-mask promises to relieve digital eye-strain"


"An innovative eye-mask developed by start-up Umay Care promises to relieve the symptoms of too much screen time."

MSN lifestyle

“Your legs get a foam roller after barre class. Now your eyes get Umay after a marathon day in front of screens”

ELLE Magazine

“...designed to help with dry eyes caused by too much computer use and writing too many articles… We liked it.”



'One eye sees, the other feels'

Our devices strain our eyes and tire our minds in unnatural ways. Our blinks protect our tears and help us process the information we consume.

Learn how to save $2m in lost productivity

Yoür REST refreshed.

Start & end yoür day with ümay.rest and discover Eye Relief & Sleep Bliss at the press of a button.

10-minute eyecare for better rest & comfort

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From Eye Calm to Sleep Balm

Thermal sensations have a holistic effect that support the natural quality of yoür tears and can help yoü fall asleep (like a warm bath before bed).

Learn how blink science upgrades yoür rest

The tech-upgrade Mother Nature asked for.

  • Enhanced Eye Comfort

    Precision Thermal Control combats the daily impact of taxing screens & life stressors that impair yoür ability to complete everyday tasks

  • Healthy Quality Tears

    Patented thermal eye tech designed to improve the health of yoür tears ─ the primary cause of eye discomfort

  • Routine Relaxation

    Science-Backed Sensory Experience helps yoü prioritize yoür rest so yoü can be more present and productive ─ daily

  • Sustainably Simple

    ümay.rest fits seamlessly into yoür life, and can help reduce dependency on eye drops; curbing 30,000 tons of plastic waste every month

Relax more. Sleep better. Blink smarter.

Modern-day calm & comfort, ümay.rest seamlessly integrates into yoür daily routine

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Little habits make a big difference

REST seems so simple but yet it is incredibly impactful. I use the "REST" setting every night before going to bed and it relaxes me by stabilizing my breathing and providing soothing heat. You don't even realize what it is doing because you become so calm and still. It helps me fall asleep faster. It is now an essential part of my routine.


Morning and evening relief

Very positive. I use the rest option morning and evening because of dry eye disease. When I have time during the day. It tones down some of my symptoms.

A "spa day" for your eyes!

It's been months and I am still using this device daily. It's a nice way to de-stress and rest your eyes after a long day in the office, and it can also help you fall asleep at night. I can't even remember having dry or twitchy eyes since I've been using it!

Tyson Hardiman

Love Umay

Great, it's simple to use and very relaxing. I especially like the nighttime setting.

Kelly Molyneaux

Breath of fresh air

My Umay helped give me reminder that I should be taking more breaks in my busy life. The cool & calming feeling it provides on my eyes in the morning has a great effect of waking me up similar to that feeling you get after you finish your morning coffee. My mid-day Umay breaks provides me with a more relaxing feeling with the cool and warmth variation that give my eyes a recharge after being on my 3 work monitors for the entire morning at work. Great product and very satisfied!

Jean Muzzerall

Amazing device to help with sleep and eye strain

I used my REST almost daily to help wind down after long days in front of my computer screen. The variable temperature therapy helped reduce the eye fatigue I felt at the end of the day and got me in a good mind space to fall asleep. I found that while the device is bulky, once you find your balance it helped reduce eye swelling and my dry eyes after a few weeks.

Christopher Flores-Lyons


Helped restore the moisture in my eyes during the day. The morning setting wakes you up. I even fell asleep with them on during the evening setting.

Jolyanne Ouellet

Great product

I have used REST device for a couple of months. Before I began using it, my eyes felt very tired and dried. Sometime I had headache because of painful eyes. After I used REST every day, my eyes feel comfortable and no headache no painful eyes. I am so happy to have REST now. It is very useful product. In addition, I like its shape and color as well.

Jun Hu

My UMAY Experience

It has been an awareness of the care that my eyes deserve. I can't always avoid many hours on the computer, but the use of UMAY made me see the need to stop, rest, breathe and give rest to my eyes. Good help to better balance a healthy lifestyle.

Ana Blacio

Soothing older eyes

I am a computer engineer and have been sitting in front of screens for the majority of my day for the last 30 years. Giving them a rest, massage, cool down and warm up provided much needed soothing for them.


Love this gizmo

I look forward to using this gizmo daily, it provides nice relief for my tired eyes and recharges my battery when I need to and helps me fall asleep at night.

Catherine Schellenberg

Wonderful Experience, Fantastic Tool

The Umay Rest is a fantastic tool to help lessen eye strain and provide essential eye rest throughout the day. The feeling of a nice midday eye massage is phenomenal. Knowing that it helps during the day is great, and helpful to my wellbeing.

The Umay team has been fantastic from start to finish, helping with troubleshooting and ongoing communication in regards to experience and questions.

Geoffrey Dhanraj

Little habits make a big difference

REST seems so simple but yet it is incredibly impactful. I use the "Rest" setting every night before going to bed and it relaxes me by stabilizing my breathing and providing soothing heat. You don't even realize what it is doing because you become so calm and still. It helps me fall asleep faster. It is now an essential part of my routine. Thank you to Umay for making a difference.

Danielle Holden

Yoü'll spend 44 years looking into screens

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What makes ümay.rest DIFFERENT makes it BETTER

  • Drop the Drops

  • Beyond the Blues

  • Hassle-free Holistic

ümay.rest gives lasting relief and boosts eye health, unlike temporary eye drops by tackling the root of eye discomfort, not just symptoms

ümay.rest enhances eye comfort & sleep more than blocking blue light (which we need to regulate the body's natural sleep-wake cycle)

ümay.rest restores eye comfort & sleep naturally, without risky drugs, or tedious and inconsistent methods that cost time, just pure relief!

What to expect when yoü join rest

  • Doctor Backed Tech

    Get Ready to Rest

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    Once yoü receive ümay.rest download the app, set up your profile and connect via yoür phone's bluetooth.

  • Personalized App

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    Activate instant Thermal Rest & Relief with the simple press of a button, as part of yoür daily wake-up & wind-down routine. Use the mobile app for even more options.

  • Cutting-edge Science

    Feel the Relief

    Let ümay.rest work with yoür body’s natural ability to use temperature to bring on holistic relief for yoür eyes & mind. Get back to life on yoür terms again.