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The first Digital Rest & Recovery tool for better sleep & eye health.

Reset the effects of screen time with heating & cooling technology to help you wake up and wind down in just 10 minutes a day. Umay - is about you.
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Our devices strain our eyes and tire our minds in unnatural ways.


Yet, connection is what makes us human.

With our endless supply of connections, when do we invest in our calm & clarity?

REST is a thoughtful routine, rooted in science and designed to redefine our constant connection - to a conscious one.

Daily REST perfected.

Better sleep.
Designed to trigger sleep signals and help you fall asleep faster and up to an hour longer with calm thermal waves.
Better blinks.
Designed to improve your eye comfort from use of screens to contact lenses. Gentle heat waves soothe and protect your tired eyes and cooling sensations restore your natural tears.
Better you.
Designed for routine relaxation to help you be more present, productive and feel less stressed.

Validated by science. Trusted by experts. Built for you.

In a 6 week study of 500 people who work from home, we found:


improved in one or more symptoms of digital strain


improved their eye comfort


improved their sleep quality


felt more balanced and less stressed


improved their contact lens comfort while using screens

Validated by science.
Trusted by experts.
Built for you.

In a 500 person 6-week work...

Little habits make a big difference

"REST seems so simple but yet it is incredibly impactful. I use the "Rest" setting every night before going to bed and it relaxes me by stabilizing my breathing and providing soothing heat. You don't even realize what it is doing because you become so calm and still. It helps me fall asleep faster. It is now an essential part of my routine."
- Danielle

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

"Some sleep problems are due to anxiety and stress, so calming the mind leads to better sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try meditation."

Breath of fresh air

"REST helped give me a reminder that I should be taking more breaks in my busy life. The cool & calming feeling it provides on my eyes in the morning has a great effect of waking me up similar to that feeling you get after you finish your morning coffee. My mid-day Umay breaks provides me with a more relaxing feeling with the cool and warm variation that gives my eyes a recharge after being on my 3 work monitors for the entire morning at work."
- Jean

Excellent device

"This is one of those devices I was skeptical of when I first heard of it. Once I started using it routinely I started noticing improvements in a lot of things including less dry eyes, and even improvement in sleep patterns and length. It also does help to relax and bring peace and calmness."
- David

With increased screen time, dry eyes are on the rise

"Alongside the drastic shift in our daily routines [during the pandemic] came another ailment: dry eyes. From wearing masks to spending more time in indoor air-conditioned climates and an uptick in WFH and hybrid work models—as well as online education—the causes of dry eyes have grown in number and frequency with many tied intricately to our day-to-day routines."

Great product, recommend to all who work in front of a screen all day long

"I was really impressed with this device, it improved my mood, my tolerance of bright lights, and my sleep. I could not live without it now. I highly recommend it to people who work in front of screens for long hours at a time on a regular basis."
- Marc

How to Start (and Keep) a Healthy Habit

"[To start and keep a healthy habit,] reduce friction wherever you can. Make it easier to go for a run by keeping your shoes by the door. Make it easier to eat healthier by keeping fruit on the counter."

A "spa day" for your eyes!

"It's been months and I am still using this device daily. It's a nice way to de-stress and rest your eyes after a long day in the office, and it can also help you fall asleep at night. I can't even remember having dry or twitchy eyes since I've been using it!"
- Tyson

The Umay REST is amazing

"Both my wife and I are very satisfied with REST. It is of high quality and simple to use. The three settings allow us to have the best experience morning, noon and night; from invigorating to recharging to deep relaxation. It soothes my eyes and rejuvenates me for the rest of the work day."
- Steven

How to Start (and Keep) a Healthy Habit

"In the face of a challenge, the mind often gets loud with complaints, excuses and judgements, thereby limiting us. Becoming aware of your breath and slowing it down actually slows down the thoughts. The practice of returning our attention to the breath is what helps us self-regulate.”

Great product

"I have used REST device for a couple of months. Before I began using it, my eyes felt very tired and dried. Sometimes I had headaches because of painful eyes. After I used REST every day, my eyes feel comfortable and I have no headaches, no painful eyes. I am so happy to have REST now."
- Jun

Routine, Recover, Ritual.

Award-Winning Design

Easily integrate REST into your daily wind-down and wake-up routine

Cryo-Thermal Rest & Recovery

Deliver hot & cold therapy to stimulate and relax both mind & body

Precise & Personalized

Track and customize 3 daily sessions via the Umay app

Start with you.

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