From never meditating to Thermal Meditation™: A sensory experience you can feel

From never meditating to Thermal Meditation™: A sensory experience you can feel

I have no idea how to meditate.

I have no idea how to truly "clock out", and take a break free of mental distractions. Emails, meetings, calendars, texts, social media – they all demand our attention, our focus.

But when do we take time to be present with ourselves? To turn our constant connection, into conscious connection?Sure, there are a range of tools out there designed to facilitate this meditative practice. Apps, audio guided meditation, workshops, classes, among others. But it’s still hard to get the same impact as a guided session from a yogi on a beautiful mountain.

Umay wanted to create a meditation experience that combined all the science of yoga nidra and non-sleep deep rest, but into a beginner-friendly experience anyone can feel.

During the early stages of REST’s development, Umay’s founders discovered a malfunction in their first prototype. The heat delivery of the device was not consistent or even, instead it was alternating between the two eyes.

Founder Ali described it as a soft wave traveling over his eyes. It instantly stilled his busy mind. It led to a fascinating conversation between the founders which rippled into the need to create a thermo-sensory meditation experience.

Our bodies naturally regulate and respond to temperature through the skin.

Through our sense of touch and thermoregulation, REST combines heating and cooling to naturally help your eyes and mind rest and recover.

The human body can detect changes in temperature smaller than 0.1°C [1]. We’ve synchronized REST’s vibrational and thermal sensations to heighten your sensory awareness throughout each session. We call this sensory-guided meditation (with no previous training required) Thermal Meditation™.

With Thermal Meditation™ we want you to be intentional about your breaks and maximize your ability to actively disconnect and be present. Consciously disconnecting from your devices – not worried about emails or what’s new on social media – to truly take a moment for yourself. A moment to breathe, to soothe your eyes and mind. To rest.

REST is your complete digital rest and recovery tool - that combines heating and cooling for better sleep and eye health.

Thermal Meditation™ is a restorative, meditative experience for absolutely anyone – even if, like me, you don’t know how to meditate.

  1. Stevens JC, Choo KK. Temperature sensitivity of the body surface over the life span. Somatosens Mot Res. 1998;15(1):13-28. doi: 10.1080/08990229870925.