The right to disconnect.

When work mostly happened at a factory and play was going to the movies, they both had something in common: we clocked out and the credits rolled in. Today it's different. The area between closing a screen or leaving a room for work, and using that same screen or room for recreation is grey. When can we truly rest?

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It’s time for REST to become intentional.

Case Study: Umay partnered with the Govt of Canada to help 500 employees transition to WFH with REST...

- it changed their lives.

We blink 68% less when looking at screens.

When we unnaturally extend our near focus, we stop blinking. Our tears evaporate twice as fast and our ocular muscles fatigue as does our mind. Blinks also act as a tiny rest period for the brain to process information, and help us re-focus with heightened attention.

The need for a break for both our eyes and our mind is why we built REST.

What is Thermal Meditation™?

REST combines heating, cooling, and vibration for a sensory experience you can feel. One that draws your awareness away from the day and into the present moment. Gentle changes in temperature or vibration help guide your breath to a resonant frequency to calm both body and mind.

The Umay Difference | R&R&R


Inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra aka Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), REST combines sensory and breath awareness techniques like body scan with warm and cool thermal waves, that results in a state of deep relaxation and recovery. We call the experience Thermal Meditation™.


3 science based REST sessions help you: Wake up I Rise - 2 mins Peri-ocular cooling naturally sends signals to the body to help focus your mind and refresh your tears Reset I Recharge - 5-7 min The transition of cool to warm helps you embrace the transition in your day when work is done to refresh and soothe your tired eyes.‍ Get sleep I Rest - 9-12 min Peri-ocular warming helps you prepare for sleep, while your eyes recover - Thermo-sensory awareness for deep relaxation and recovery.


Designed without a strap with sessions from 2-12 mins. REST helps you make space for routine relaxation from first thing in the morning before getting out of bed to right before falling asleep - everyday.